The Belier Family: "I'm not fleeing, I'm flying."

By Yeo-sub Yang | 기사입력 2020/11/27 [11:44]

The Belier Family: "I'm not fleeing, I'm flying."

By Yeo-sub Yang | 입력 : 2020/11/27 [11:44]

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The Belier Family is a comedy-drama written by Veronique Poulain. Poulain is CODA (Children of Deaf Adult) and the movie was based on her true story about her life with deaf parents.
Paula, one of the main characters in the movie is a simple girl who falls in love with Gabriel, a male student who transferred from Paris. However, the whole Belier family is deaf, except for sixteen-year-old Paula. She is such an important person in her parents' day to day life. She also must take care of the family farm.
Gabriel wants to get invited to a school friend's house party. However, she is busy talking to a cheese client on behalf of her deaf family even when she leaves for school. Paula becomes busier as she becomes the interpreter for her father running for mayor. Knowing that she is the only link between the world and her family, she does her best to her fate as a translator for her parents and younger brother.
In the meantime, her schoolteacher finds out Paula's excellent singing qualities and recommends her for an audition in Paris. She feels that an opportunity came to her, but she hesitates and can't easily make up her mind because of the reality she faces. She gets stressed with the fact that she can never speak out in the house.
She sometimes gets embarrassed by her mom and dad, annoyed by them, and angry at people watching them sympathetically with strange eyes. However, she understands the inaudible world in which her parents live and admit that what is inaudible is not an obstacle but just their "identity."
Every movie usually employs a different element in order to lead its plot smoothly. It can be mise-en-scene, screenplay, acting, or music or some other element. The Belier Family is a film with many merits, including the elements listed above, but the best thing in this movie is that each character has his or her own unique story and shows their emotions intermingled brilliantly. Another factor is the appealing voice of Louane Emera who was cast as Paula and the song she sings in the film. Not only does she present a perfect performance to her character, but her explosive singing skills deeply touches the hearts of viewers.

"I’m not fleeing, I’m flying." – from Je Vole

The story of the film is compressed into the attractive lyrics of a single song Je Vole. She loves her parents, but she flew for her dream. Her reality of living with deaf parents was stressful. However, she didn't run away.
"Family" is a common theme that has already been used thousands of times in the movie industry, but the characters in The Belier Family intertwine with each other uniquely. It shows tangled emotions of guilt, regret, respect, and love in Paula's family, but it also shows how CODA and inaudible people live their lives in a humorous way.


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